About Ana Viswanathan

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Ana Viswanathan represents individuals and groups in employment law. Ms. Ana Viswanathan possesses a proven track record in resolving her clients’ issues in the legal arena, particularly in the areas of employment and civil rights litigation. A member of the California State Bar, she represents clients at the state trial court and appellate levels and has managed cases before the California Supreme Court. She is also licensed to practice before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal and the U.S. District Courts for Northern and Central California. Ms. Viswanathan maintains a law office in San Mateo County.

Prior to her solo career in the San Francisco Bay Area. Ana worked for a prestigious and well-known law firm in San Francisco. At that firm, Ms. Viswanathan successfully resolved over 90% of the cases in her clients’ favor. She has represented both management and employees in her practice and has experience in handling both defense and plaintiff actions in court. Ms. Viswanathan has performed a wide variety of litigation activities, including conducting pretrial and trial actions, and managing appeals and presenting oral arguments before the California Courts of Appeal.

Ms. Ana Viswanathan’s commitment to her clients is extensive. As an example, in one case, she represented a plaintiff against a major university. This case had been a particularly difficult case because an internal university review panel had already ruled against the plaintiff and in favor of the university, prior to Ana’s assumption of the case. Ms. Viswanathan’s perseverance and management of the case, however, ultimately led to a favorable settlement for her client who was also able to return to her former place of employment and continue her career.

Prior to her work with the highly regarded law firm in San Francisco, Ana Viswanathan practiced as a solo practitioner in employment cases in Southern California and served as a consulting attorney on numerous civil cases. She is experienced in and knowledgeable about the various Federal and California statutes related to labor and employment law including Title VII, FEHA, ADA, and ADEA, among others, as well as employment contract-related claims, employment tort-related claims and civil rights issues. Her unique background and perspective will be of great value to any client and she will bring an enthusiastic and motivated commitment to her clients, endeavoring to ensure that their concerns are resolved successfully.

Ana Viswanathan, Esq., is licensed to practice law in all state courts in California and in the Northern, Eastern and Central federal district courts of California as well as the federal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. The Law Office of Ana Viswanathan has an office located in San Mateo County in California where she practices law. Ana Viswanathan does not seek to represent anyone based solely on a visit to her websites on the Internet.

*Please note that the results Ms. Viswanathan achieved in her cases were dependent on the particular facts in each of the cases Ms. Viswanathan managed. Past performance cannot guarantee similar results in the future. Results in future cases may differ depending upon the facts of each case.



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